Summer Bird Blue- Review! NetGalley

My latest favourite read is Summer Bird Blue, written by Akemi Dawn Bowman. Who is also the author of another of my favourite books, Starfish.

Summer bird blue is a story of hope, perseverance and love. The story of a young girl called Rumi is told after she has lost her beloveds sister Lea in a awful car accident. Rumi’s mother takes the really badly and to grieve she sends Rumi away to Hawaii with family. What follows is a tale of hopelessness, pain and anger until Rumi makes unexpected new friends and learns to grieve with their help.

Summer Bird Blue is up with my favourites of 2019 and the YA genre in general because of the powerful tale told.

Akemi’s writing style is unique to her and her use of imagery is amazing, she can really set the scene and convey characters emotions well.

At times I found myself reacting to Rumi’s sometimes disastrous decisions which means I really cared for all the main characters in the story.

These are some of the many reasons I have to give Summer Bird Blue the highest rating I can.

Five Stars from me!

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50 Ships That Changed The Course Of History – Book Review!

Really interesting and informative with a emphasis on quick easy facts in bite size chucks without all the professional terminology or some which is explained.

Lots of good pictures and a wide range of ships covered including warships and civil. A wide date range is covered from the first recorded ships too the ocean liners up to 2015.

(Above – HMS Victory, one of the ships covered in the book)

Would recommend if you have a interest in the history of ships.

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Tornado Down – Book Review!

I finished this book yesterday and really loved it.

Tornado Down is the real life story of two RAF pilots who were shot down in the Gulf war by the Iraqis. They were captured and held as prisoners of war for the remainder of the conflict. They were treated appallingly by most of their captors.

(Above – A Tornado, the aircraft the book was named after.)

Tornado down tells a very real and disturbing story which really makes you realise how lucky most of us are to have never been prisoners. The memoir never holds back on all the details of the aircrews imprisonment In Baghdad.

If you are interested in memoirs and enjoy reading them this is definitely one to read, I’ve got to give it five stars and can’t recommend it highly enough.

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Cross And The Curse Book Review!

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Here’s my review for Cross And The Curse by Matthew Harffy!

Warning! – Scenes of gory violence and adult content.

I finished cross and the Curse recently after reading The first book in the series The Serpent Sword last year, I loved the previous book so I carried on with the series.

The Cross And The Curse carries on the main protagonist Beobrands story, after the events of the last book Beobrand finds himself married rich and famous. Beobrand is given missions to complete.

I really loved the book and felt like I was also part of the world that Matthew has created, his writing style I feel is superb and really knows the time period he is writing about. The characters interact together well, they are all different and diverse. I found myself caring about the characters and at times I felt like screaming at Beobrand when he makes decisions that I don’t agree with. The book really draws you in and makes you want to read on.

I will definitely be continuing on with the series and would recommend any with a interest in historical fiction to pick up the series!

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The Pure In Heart – NetGalley Review

Growing up in a Baptist Church but in the U.K. not America I had a prior understanding of the duties and responsibilities of the Pastor in the Church family.

The Pure In Hearts main protagonists are a Pastor called Josh and a preacher hunter called Dave.

Dave calls Joshs Church and asks to be “Saved”. Josh decideds to help Dave and travels to meet him. Throughout the story Joshes faith is tested through trails set up by Dave. By the end of the book Josh has had his faith shaken and made stronger.

I liked the books and the story I did feel the ending was a bit boring unfortunately which is why I’ve given this book three stars out of five.

Baptism Of Fire – Review!

It took me a while to read Baptism Of Fire by Andrzej Sapkowski and by a while I mean a year!

I DNF’d Baptism Of Fire late last year after binge reading previous books in the series and getting burnt out. After a long time away from the series I finally picked Baptism Of Fire back up and continued from where I left it.

I loved the book and it really says something when I can remember where I left off after a year, the story stuck with me for that long and will stick with me a lot longer.

Baptism of fire continues the search for Ciri, Geralt teams up with his old friends and forges new alliances with unlikely people and creatures.

I loved the book so I will give it four out of five stars!

I really do recommend the Witcher series to anyone who loves fantasy but wants a mature setting too.

Thanks for reading everyone. I’m reading Season Of Storms by Andrzej Sapkowski

Whiteout – NetGalley Book Review!

Thanks to Stripes and NetGalley for the opportunity to review this book.

Whiteout will stick with me for a long time and continues the great Red Eye Horror series published by Stripes.

The main protagonist is a young man called Charlie. Charlie has a troubled past and this follows him throughout the book in the way people interact with him and how he’s portrayed.

Charlie and his Sixth Form class from Bristol get stuck on top of a Austrian Mountain which is a ski resort. A storm blows in and the residents scatter as the class gets cut off, Monsters start killing the students off and the storm won’t lift until they are all dead.

I really loved this book, I loved the characters, plot, scenes and the monsters which were completely new and fresh.

Therefore I happily give whiteout the full five stars and make it one of my favourite reads of the year.

Whiteout is published on the 10th January 2019!

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